How to Apply

Application deadline is April 15th 2023

The Finance Camp is a camp for 10 uniquely qualified 14 to-17 year-old students living in the Roaring Fork Valley who have a strong passion for learning how to invest actual dollars in the global financial markets. Each student will be required to have opened a parental approved custodial account at Charles Schwab before the camp begins. Our camp supporters will be providing the capital for the student trading accounts.

There is no financial cost to students for this camp, but you have to earn your spot by performing $500 equivalent of community service value if selected before the camp begins.

This is the buy in to receive the $500 of working capital that will be transferred into your trading account on the first day of camp. Once a student has been accepted to our camp, they will need to describe and validate the act of community service they will perform before camp begins.

To apply, please write a professional letter telling us about yourself, your age, hobbies, skills, and answer the following 5 questions. You can e-mail your letter to [email protected].

  1. Why do you want to learn about Wall Street and investing?
  2. What areas of the markets are you most interested in? (stocks, bonds, options, crypto, careers, etc.)
  3. What computer skills do you have and what business programs can you currently navigate? (Xcel, Word, database programs)
  4. Do you have any experience investing in the stock market? If so, please explain what you have done and how many transactions you have made?
  5. What image do you think of when you hear about Wall Street and finance?

Each candidate will be required to have an in-person interview to see if we are a good match for our fast-paced summer program before the final selections are made.

We will also have a code of conduct guide that will apply during our camp week. Students who violate our policy will be asked to leave camp early and forfeit the opportunity to earn performance bonuses.